1G Authors Become Stop-Motion Animators During Film and Story-Writing Curriculum Unit

First graders in 1G have become accomplished authors this year, publishing three fiction and one non-fiction book. The natural next step for every successful author seems to be a transition to the big screen – and 1G is no exception.
The boys worked tirelessly to create an animation that is a culmination of the ‘best bits’ of their fiction stories about monsters. The boys collaborated to weave their stories together and wrote a beginning and ending as a class. Their scripts were carefully rehearsed and then recorded. Each boy made their monster out of colorful paper and created a background for their scene by coloring on a large piece of paper. 1G worked in pairs consisting of one animator and one cameraman to animate their story using a stop motion animation program. Sound effects were added along with a theme song written under the direction of Lower School Music Teacher Ian Taggart, which was included with the final credits.
“Storytelling comes in so many forms,” said 1G Teacher Jenny Griffiths. “It is really exciting for children to experience another medium. Learning to animate has helped them visualize their stories and add layers of meaning using speech bubbles, thought bubbles and sound effects.”
To finish off the project, 1G invited their families to their classroom for a screening of their film. The boys took turns standing to present their monster and share what inspired their creation. Following the movie screening, the boys read their books out loud to their families.

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