KHP Transportation Unit Combines Diverse Learning of Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Art and Music

Our kindergarteners in KHP impressed during their showcase on transportation vehicles. This presentation represents about six weeks of hard work in the KHP class with many different components, including social studies, reading, writing, art and music.
During this unit, the boys were separated into three collaborative groups – Land, Water, and Air. In these groups, each student chose a different transportation vehicle to research, build a model, and create an audio recording to depict their vehicle.
The groups worked with Circulation Manager Kate Reid in our Library Tech Commons to research facts about transportation vehicles using reliable sources. They took this learning and used it to write informational pieces on their vehicles. This year, the boys were introduced to the differences between narrative, persuasive and informational writing.
Next, the boys tested their fine motor skills by constructing artistic models from recycled materials and worked collaboratively with their teams and Lower School Music Teacher Ian Taggart to compile creative musical and voice recordings to narrate their vehicles.
As a culmination of their project, KHP invited their families, faculty and staff to their Town Center for a showcase of their learning. The boys practiced their public speaking by presenting on their vehicle and acted out their audio recording. Following their showcase, the boys shared research books that they had compiled that explained how they had collected information to create their vehicle.
Thanks go to all the teachers who helped make this project possible: the two KHP teachers, Alice Hemingway and Jennifer Phillips; Circulation Manager Kate Reid for research assistance; Ian Taggart for music and audio recordings; Darlene Mays for building help; and Lauren Pemberton for reading and writing help.

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