Kindergarten Grandparents and Special Friends Visiting Day 2019

The Allen-Stevenson building was filled with excitement as grandparents and special friends joined our kindergarten boys on May 10 for a morning of activities and performances.
Our visitors gathered in the Dining Room for a light breakfast and a welcome from Headmaster David Trower before meeting with Director of Organizational Initiatives Winnie Barnes for an update on the exciting building project.
Next, grandparents and special friends moved to the Assembly Hall for a Musical Performance. Our Third Grade Ensemble showcased the songs that they have been hard at work mastering this school year, followed by a vocal performance by the kindergarten – closing with an enthusiastic rendition of the Allen-Stevenson School song.
Throughout the morning, our students and guests played games like Trouble, colored together, and read stories that our kindergarteners wrote in their classrooms.
In our Assembly Hall, students participated in activities from gym class, including ball games that improve hand-eye coordination. During one such game, the boys tossed bean bags as high as they could and tried to catch them when they fell. They also taught their grandparents and special friends how to play a modern version of Rock, Paper, Scissors using full body movements.
Thank you to all the kindergarten teachers, Headmaster David Trower, Lower School Music Teacher Ian Taggart, Director of Orchestras Randy Schrade, Director of Organizational Initiatives Winnie Barnes, Head of Lower School Stephen Warner.

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