Sixth Grade Travels Through American History During Units on Abolition and The Civil War

Our Sixth Grade has been busy traveling through American History!
During their recent curriculum unit on the abolitionist movement, each of our sixth grade boys researched a real-life abolitionist from the 18th or 19th century, then put on an Abolitionist Hero Convention, where they took on the character of their chosen abolitionist. As part of this unit, they also utilized text from a book read in their English class called To Be a Slave to help write a speech or poem outlining their personal views on abolition.
This week, the boys kicked off their unit on Civil War Historical Fiction with a field trip to the Civil War and American Art Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, led by Elizabeth Feld, mother of Sixth Grader James Herzberg. The boys will follow up their field trip by writing an historical fiction story that incorporates a piece of Civil War-related art found during their exploration of the exhibit. 

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