2D Students Take the Stage to Present on Cultures and Traditions from Their Country of Origin

Our second graders in 2D presented their research on a country of origin on Friday, May 3! Our students began their immigration research project by working with their parents to fill out a questionnaire about their family history and immigration story. After exploring his own personal narrative, each boy selected one country of origin to study.
The project was inspired from a unit that uses the book Children Just Like Me, which highlights children all over the world and everyday aspects of their life. The second grade team thought it would be a great idea to utilize the style of this book to showcase the cultures and traditions represented in our own personal communities. Each of the second grade classes have worked on this project at a different point during this school year.
Lower School Librarian Bonnie Tucker taught our second graders useful research strategies and supplied them with reliable sources – a series of age-appropriate books called Exploring Countries. Ms. Tucker walked the boys through what kinds of content they should look for in a non-fiction book, including the role of photos as a source of information and the usefulness of bolded writing as it emphasizes what the author views as an important point. Ms. Tucker also instructed our young historians on how to read an index, glossary and table of contents and created an organizational sheet that the boys used to keep track of their research. In class, students took this new information and used a checklist to turn their facts into a cohesive writing piece. They wrote a draft, edited it with a teacher, and then wrote a final copy with an illustration.
In the next step of the project, Peter Fletcher welcomed the boys to the Computer Lab to build personalized posters that visually showcased their learning. Using the software Pages, the boys took photos of themselves and learned how to delete the background around their photo. They then created text boxes with fun facts about their country and added graphics to support their ideas. These images were found using Photos for Class, a kid-friendly website that provides automatic citations for the images.
It was then time for the grand finale – presenting their research to an audience of their families, faculty and staff. The students honed their public speaking skills by taking turns presenting the highlights of their research. Their research ranged from the foods, languages and holidays to the sports and family life of their country. The page they created with Mr. Fletcher was projected onto a screen behind them, serving as the backdrop to the presentation.
We are so proud of the hard work that our Allen-Stevenson second graders put in to complete this project!

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