Community Assembles Over 25,000 Meals for Rise Against Hunger

On Sunday, March 3, the Fathers of Allen-Stevenson Boys (FASB) brought Rise Against Hunger (RAH) to Allen-Stevenson for the 4th year in a row to host a meal service event for the students and their families. Raising in excess of $8,500 to purchase the ingredients to assemble meals, a record number of 110 Allen-Stevenson students, siblings and parents worked elbow to elbow to assemble more than 25,000 meals. This inclusive event highlighted the many attributes of an Allen-Stevenson student -- thoughtfulness, generosity, goodness, determination and enthusiasm at all times.
Volunteers arrived early to unload the truck and set up before others assembled to obtain a briefing on world hunger and RAH’s proposed solution. Volunteers worked in teams at 4 stations: funnel team to assemble the meal’s components, weighing team on scales, sealing team and boxing team. It was not uncommon for volunteers to change roles so volunteers could be involved in various parts of the process. A Lower or Middle School boy struck a gong every time 2,000 meals were packaged.
Thank you to everyone who supported this event. A special thank you to those who went above and beyond, including School personnel who were unbelievably supportive and helpful. It was truly a community experience!

Rise Against Hunger is dedicated to a mission of eliminating world hunger by shipping meals to in-country partners for use in school feeding programs. In many of the places the food goes, it is the child’s only meal of the day. The food not only provides nutrients but is a “lure” to induce parents to send their children to school when they otherwise might not, thus though unintended, the child obtains an education and improves his or her future. A reported 821 million people, or more than 10% of the planet, lacks the food they need to live a healthy life. To date, RAH has packaged 455 million meals and 1.2 million this week alone. The food is delivered to 74 counties and has served 1.4 million. In the past, Allen-Stevenson’s meals have been delivered to Haiti, Swaziland and Uganda. Within the next month, we will know where this year’s meals are shipped.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.