Lower School Winter Concerts Centered Around Literature

Over the past month, each of the Lower School grades has performed their winter concert for parents and special guests, and in the case of Kindergarten and Third Grade, for their special buddies.
Each concert was centered around the concept of student choice, using pieces of literature as vehicles for musical exploration. Through this adventure, they explored song, sound, and movement to create an immersive artistic representation of the selected literature.
The works utilized were as follows:
Kindergarten - Bear Snores On – a book by Karma Wilson illustrated by Jane Chapman
1st Grade - The Snowy Day– a book by Ezra Jack Keats
2nd Grade - Peace is an Offering – a poem by Annette LeBox
3rd Grade - Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – a poem by Robert Frost 
After reading their particular book as a class, Lower School Music Teacher Ian Taggart worked with the boys to decide what sounds they thought would represent various scenes and characters, and what they could sing and perform to help tell the story as they envisioned it. The boys selected the specific instruments to use and choreographed their own moves. All of the boys took turns singing, playing instruments, and performing before deciding individually what musical job would help their class the most for the final performance.
Mr. Taggart said, “I am incredibly proud of all my students. These concerts are celebrations of each grade’s musical artistry and teamwork. They constantly impress me with their fresh ideas and their dedication to the jobs that they elect. When they choose each other, they make an incredible team.”

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