Wealth of Opportunities to Learn Alongside Other Parents

Allen-Stevenson encourages not only the boys and teachers to be lifelong learners, but also seeks to provide many opportunities for parents to continue learning as well.
Whether attending a Tech Tuesday workshop about the economics behind eyeball-seeking apps or participating in a parent led Book Club discussion about social imbalances, parents are provided countless opportunities to share interests, learn new topics and broaden their cultural competencies.
Parents also learn through strong volunteerism. Parent involvement at Allen-Stevenson is exceptional which is testimony to the (intimate) holistic community experience families enjoy. Parent volunteers are invited to share in the A-S service-learning curriculum by modeling behavior conducive to empathy and thoughtful citizenship. Moreover, parent volunteers learn through their child’s lens by attending father coordinated trips to Westpoint, volunteering on the art committee to create imaginative galleries around the School and by volunteering to host a foreign country at the School’s bi-annual International Festival, which provides a rich education of our world’s diverse cultures for all.
Board of Trustees President, Mark Greene, said it best at our Parents Association Back to School Breakfast, “...these are the best years to get involved in your child’s experience at school...your boys want you around and the school provides a wealth of opportunities to do so.”

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.