Sixth Graders Share Books with First Graders at P.S. 83

On December 20, for the holidays, our sixth graders donated their time by traveling to P.S. 83 and reading to the first graders there. 
Each Allen-Stevenson boy brought one or two of his favorite books—some from home, some from the library. They then broke into small groups and read these books to P.S. 83 students. Some boys even went above and beyond by adding voices and acting out some of the pages while reading. The boys then swapped books with other students, some reading as many as four books with their small groups. 
In addition to reading to the first graders, Allen-Stevenson boys spent the past two weeks, organizing, collecting, and packing two SUVs full of books to be donated to P.S. 83. The books were delivered the day before the visit. 
“Reading to the students at P.S. 83 was fun because you could tell the first grade children enjoyed it,” said Andrew Van Dyke ’22. 

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.