Using Technology to Discuss Differences and Similarities in First Grade

For the past several weeks, our first graders worked with Technology Integrator Peter Fletcher & Technical Support Specialist Marissa Zelmanowicz to discuss what makes us different and the same, then used computer art to express what they’d learned.
Using the application Pages, our boys created self-portraits, learned about different skin colors, and how to create perspective in artistic renderings. The overall goal was to use technology as a medium to teach children and to embrace the differences in themselves and in others. From a technological literacy side, boys also learned how to save a document, create one, organize their digital file, and retrieve it later on—essential barebones for computer literacy!
“The boys absolutely loved working on their self portraits and seeing each other’s final products,” said Peter Fletcher. “Next week we’ll be going into more detail about differences, specifically race and skin color and work on reinforcing the idea that we’re all different in some ways, similar in others, but deep down, we’re all still people.”

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