Theatre Can Be Done Anywhere: "Twelfth Night" Performed in the Library

For the past several weeks, Allen-Stevenson and Nightingale-Bamford students have been practicing day and night for their play, Twelfth Night, which they performed in the Allen-Stevenson library. 
Upper School boys and staff were privy to a special showing on November 19, which could only be described as a sidesplitting comedic filled hour and a half. Students and faculty couldn’t stop laughing as our boys, and Nightingale girls pulled no punches while acting out one of Shakespeare’s finest comedies. Setting Twelfth Night in the library allowed the performers and set crew to play with space in ingenious ways, including using actual books as props, bubbles, fans, and light fixtures to simulate the illusion of a storm, and so much more. Such uniqueness paired nicely with what Theatre Director David Kersey h’98 said at the beginning of the show: theatre can be done anywhere.
“Everyone who participated in Twelfth Night gave it their all. Our boys and Nightingale-Bamford’s girls worked well together, played off each other, and embodied the heart and soul of their characters,” said Mr. Kersey. 
The performance took place three times over two days. The day after the first production, A-S staff members could be heard still discussing the acting prowess of the young thespians and congratulating boys in the hallway for their stellar acting.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.