First Graders Reinforcing Reading Skills, Building Confidence, and Honing Teamwork

Over the last few weeks our first graders, with the help of teacher Jenny Griffiths, worked collaboratively on a writing project. Together they studied characters and plot to co-author a book. This work has helped to reinforce reading skills as well as to build confidence.
This character study started with boys reading Shh, We Have A Plan by Chris Haughton. Boys then created character sketches, with thought and speech bubbles, writing what they thought the characters were thinking and feeling: a task that combined artistic and literary skills. Afterward, boys were put into groups of two and created their version of Shh, We Have A Plan and even recorded themselves reading the story. Not only did they have to read the words, but also work with a partner to create a book—including writing the text, creating their own “author blurbs,” and deciding who would do what task. It was a real test in teamwork!
“Building confidence in reading is a crucial step in First Grade,” Ms. Griffiths said. “It’s why we focus on early reader books, stories where they can memorize and read back to themselves. We also have the boys read their own work to help them have ownership of their own words.”

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