Combining Science, Art, and Public Speaking Practice in Fifth Grade

At Allen-Stevenson, we love to combine disciplines and use unique methods to teach our boys academic topics. Case and point: the study of greenhouse effects using self-created dioramas.
The Fifth Grade, taught by the STEAM facilitators, is currently constructing dioramas from shoeboxes and repurposed items to portray the greenhouse effect that exists on Earth. This task helps sharpen their creative skills, while also teaching them critical scientific principles and ideas that have real-world applications. It is also an opportunity for the students to display their prior knowledge related to climate change and their gained understanding through a series of whole group discussions, which follows the creation of the dioramas. 
“It’s so important, especially now, to discuss the effects of greenhouse gases on our planet,” said Fifth Grade Teacher Maurice Hicks Jr. “Combining science with art, and working on our presentation techniques, was a great way to focus on three skills that are important for our boys to master. It also gave the boys a sense of ownership, allowing them to stretch their legs and show off their skills a bit!” 

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