Art and Science Combined to Learn about Bones

On October 29, our 2nd grade boys learned about bones using plaster of paris with Dr. Alexis Colvin, mother of Max Colvin ’25 and Sebastian Colvin ’26.
Dr. Colvin took time out from her busy day as an orthopedist to teach our boys about bones. They filled out worksheets about the human body (in groups?) and made molds of their thumbs using plaster of paris. They then read about “Benny Bones” and “Molly Muscle” to help reinforce anatomical concepts of the human body. The boys had lots of fun getting their hands dirty, and we at Allen-Stevenson loved the intersection of science and art. At the end of the visit, the boys asked Dr. Colvin about her profession, posing some really thoughtful questions!
“When it comes to boys, hands-on learning is the best kind of learning,” says Lower School Science Teacher Jennifer-Vermont Davis. “The boys loved working with Dr. Colvin, learning about the human body, and exploring how casts are used to support and protect injured bones!”

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