Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Last week our students practiced the art of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.
Upper School Allen-Stevenson boys participated in our inaugural Identity Day Challenge, where they took time to create art that would show many different sides of themselves, sides not often seen by their fellow students and teachers. The Identity Day Challenge started with students and faculty working on their “identities” during the morning, and culminated in a “showcase” where students took time out of their day to learn more about their fellow classmates’ and teachers’ identities.
The most unique part of the Identity Day Challenge was how the boys fully embraced the activity. The theme was to “show your passion”, and our boys took that to heart. They created not only art in all forms: 3-D creations, digital creations, videos, drawings, carvings, figurines, poems, & more in so many different shapes and sizes. But most important of all, boys felt safe during Identity Challenge Day to express just who they really are.
According to Spanish Department Chair, Samara Spielberg, “our boys are incredibly creative, and while they share many hobbies they still take pride in their individuality. Many of us [students & staff] have known one another for years, but today we discovered hidden talents we had no idea about.”
After viewing the showcase of identities, the ninth graders led discussions in mixed seventh and eighth grade groups to debrief. Many of the boys commented that the best part of the day was realizing how much the different grades had in common but confessed there was too much Fortnite!

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.