The Fundamental Power of Reading

Yesterday, our Middle School boys participated in discussions around books they read over their summer break.
At the end of last year, each rising & current Middle School student selected a book to read. On their first day back at school, they met in small groups with a faculty or staff facilitator to talk about their book. Discussions focused on style, plot, character, and themes, but also on how the book made them feel, what they learned, liked, and disliked. 
According to Sarah Kresberg, Library Tech Commons Director, “books were selected to allow all different types of readers to find something that interests them. Whether a boy is interested in fiction, or non-fiction, science fiction, or fantasy, there’s a book for them.” 
Books read over the summer included graphic novels such as Cardboard by Doug TenNapel, novels such as Ghost by Jason Reynolds, nonfiction books like Bomb by Steve Sheinkin, and autobiographies like Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka.
Ms. Kresberg, who curated the list of books from which the boys selected, also mentioned that she wants to make sure reading is enjoyable for all students. "These discussions are an opportunity for boys to ask questions and share their opinions about their book in a relaxed environment."

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