New Problem-Solving After School Classes on Offer

At Allen-Stevenson, we always strive to maintain the balance between the traditional and the progressive. 
This year, Coach Tony D'itri is excited to bring some additions to the Alligator Soup Program that will, “challenge boys to be creative, teach them how to explore possibilities outside of the box, and help them achieve any and every fitness goal they hope to conquer”. All while having fun!
Learn more below!
Comic Creations: Tuesdays & Wednesday – Lower & Middle School
Comic Creations is a fantastic program where your son gets to have his imagination come to life. Learning directly from a comic artist, boys get a chance to learn different comic drawing methods, from logo design, comic covers, and comic panels. All levels are welcome! 
Earned Performance: Fridays – Middle School
Earned Performance is an athletic conditioning program developed to allow all levels of fitness to excel and achieve athletic excellence. The boys learn the fundamentals of speed, agility, and quickness all in a fun and inviting setting. 
Puzzle Master: Mondays & Thursdays – Lower and Middle School
Puzzle Master is the first program of its kind that puts together all different types of Brain teasers, riddles, mazes, memory scrambles, logic puzzles, etc. Each class is designed to have your son think outside the box, and find creative ways to solve problems. 
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