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CL+D Introduces Parents to Sex Education for Boys

The CL+D Committee of the Parents Association organized a parent sex education talk for boys called Love, Consent & Porn with Justine Ang Fonte*.

During this incredibly informative Parent Chat, Ms. Fonte explained, parents are the number one sex educator in their child’s life. She spent the time dispelling myths about sex education, addressing core principles and foundational concepts of the sexuality education field most relevant to boys: nurturing loving relationships, consent, and pornography.
Her advice to parents is that they can use opportunities that arise to talk about situations centered on these topics, for example, those found in the media. How one reacts affects what is going to be said. Parents can prepare themselves for these discussions by thinking of their most feared question and answering it. Anything else will seem easier. One of the most important takeaways was "It's never too early or too late to have a conversation."
Ms. Fonte talked about the importance of consent by showing PSA videos to demonstrate ways to better explain what is meant by consent and how it works.
She closed by discussing how to be aware of young peoples’ exposure to porn, the impact it can have on their perspective of sex and the value of talking about it before they happen upon it. Equally important were the questions asked by several parents in the audience.
* Justine Fonte co-authored for the National Association of Independent Schools, Sexuality Education: An Overview for Independent Schools. She is a consultant and speaker on sex education for teachers, parents, and students in both public and private schools across the U.S. She has worked in the NYC Independent School community for the last 7 years.

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