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Teachers Explain Tech Tools for Home and School at Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday on January 30 involved teachers manning a wide array of stations at which parents could learn about the many different tech tools that are being used by their sons at School, many of which are accessible at home. 

A number of these resources are available through Allen-Stevenson’s Library database page. Go to, click on databases and log in with your school website credentials to access these private pages.
The app stations were:
- Word Reference is used by the Spanish Department as an online Spanish-English dictionary, which distinguishes words based on their exact meaning (unlike Google Translate) and their part of speech. The boys have to figure out on their own if the word is a noun, verb or adjective. If it is a verb, then they have to conjugate it themselves.
- Pages is easy to use and applicable for all ages. It works like Photoshop and is used for creating image heavy products. In class, the boys take selfies using PhotoBooth then drag and drop the image onto the page. They learn how to create text boxes separate from the image boxes. Pages is also helpful for teaching younger boys how to save files and create folders.
- The New York Times - The School provides a digital subscription to the New York Times to everyone with an Allen-Stevenson email address. In addition to current events, boys conduct research, using articles from The New York Times archive. This enables them to read what was said about a historical event at the time rather than relying solely on someone else’s interpretation.
- Noodle Tools is used for creating bibliographies at A-S in Fifth Grade and above. In addition, boys in the Upper School use Noodletools to take notes on electronic notecards.
- Tinkercad is an online 3D design and 3D printing app. In the Fourth Grade it is used as part of the boys’ introduction to the Engineering Design Process. 
- Newsela is a news source that offers grade-level appropriate text based on interests and is available in a number of languages.
- Explain Everything is an app that offers screencasting and interactive whiteboard tool. It is easy to learn and is used by Lower School boys when they make presentations. It is good for all ages.
- DK Find Out and Pebble Go contain information on a variety of topics and are particularly suitable for the Lower School. They are highly visual and in the case of Pebble Go there are short video clips and audio recordings of the text to help emerging readers.
- Storyboard That allows the user to create comic book panels. The boys really enjoy using it in a variety of classes. 
- Tinybop consists of eight modules that cover STEAM topics from the human body to skyscrapers. It is highly interactive, allowing boys to learn from their own observations.
- Typing Agent is a learn-to-type program used in Grades 3 to 5.
- Khan Academy consists of short videos on math topics. It is an excellent way to practice math at home. Online awards accelerate learning by motivating the boys.
Parents also had their questions about Canvas answered and were given help borrowing from the library’s collection of ebooks and digital audiobooks.
Thank you to all the teachers – Chris Caccamise, Peter Fletcher, Will Goss, Sarah Kresberg, Sarah Luposello, Kate Reid, Samara Spielberg, Liz Storch, Bonnie Tucker, and Marissa Zelmanowicz – who taught at a station, and the many parents who came out to learn!
If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to Sarah Kresberg.

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