2R Learns About Daily Life and Traditions in India From Classmate

Following a recent trip to India, Atri in 2R thought it would be interesting to share some of the things he saw and experienced with his classmates.
So, Atri and his parents, Peggy and Rajesh Midha, dressed in traditional Indian clothes, described the food, music, language, religion and some traditional celebrations to the boys in 2R on January 25. They explained that there are 22 official languages in India, with Hindi and English being the two main ones. Atri taught his classmates a few Hindi words: hello is Namaste; milk is doodh; sister is didi; and brother is bhaiya.
Descriptions of the traffic in the city, with packed tuk-tuks and wandering cows on the roads, fascinated the boys. Atri and his family talked about a meal they ate at a temple, bringing it to life by having the boys smell actual spices -- cumin seeds, turmeric and cardamom.
The Midhas had traveled to India for two family weddings, so they showed images from these special occasions and described the traditions surrounding a Hindi wedding –the Mehndi Ceremony, at which henna is painted onto hands, and Baraat, the groom’s parade, which happens immediately prior to the wedding. They also played a video clip of Atri and his family performing a special dance for the bride and groom.
The boys in 2R asked some wonderfully thoughtful questions at the end such as “What was your favorite part about going to India?” and “Why are cows allowed to roam wherever they like?”
Thank you to the Midhas for this amazing cultural adventure!

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