Middle School

4L Boys Have Thoughtful Discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr.

The spirited John Legend song "Glory" (with Common) was the inspiration for the 4L class discussion on Friday, January 12, about Martin Luther King, Jr. Sarah Luposello, 4L Teacher, played the song and shared the lyrics with her class asking the boys to think through the words before researching the life of MLK, Jr. She said she believes that "music is the easiest way to connect with anybody."
Using what they’d discovered during their research, the boys wrote out questions and made note of what they had learned on Post-it notes displayed on the board for all to see. They also shared their reactions to their findings and their reasons for a particular reaction.
Upon their return to school on Tuesday, the boys discussed in what ways their thoughts had been affected by conversations they had about MLK, Jr. with their families and friends. As a class they walked through the Post-it notes from the week before, with many surprised by facts about his life such as: he was arrested numerous times and spent time in jail; he was the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at that time; he managed to skip grades in high school, entering college at the age of 15; and he has 730 streets named after him.  Meaningful discussions at each table took place too. To close, the class talked about how they felt about MLK, Jr. being killed for upholding the Constitution.
Summing up the exercise, Ms. Luposello said, "If the boys come away understanding that 'civil rights' is more than "I Have a Dream" and they think that it is a series of events and struggles, then I have done my job."

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