Stop Motion Animation in Sixth Grade Art Classes

In Sixth Grade, students focus on developing their drawing skills working both from observation and imagination, with the goal of creating a stop motion animation. Students watch and analyze several stop motion videos, including those by the group Blu, who created videos in the streets of Buenos Aires. The boys then created storyboards for their own stop motion projects, incorporating visual transformations based upon the concept of creating a narrative through movement and change.
Throughout the project, the boys worked intently and enthusiastically on their animations, using techniques ranging from draw and erase, while photographing every step, to creating 100 or more drawings, to working with moveable collage elements. The diverse and creative array of drawings and their final videos demonstrates how engrossed the boys were in this fun project.
Art Teacher Julia Kunin said, "Each student approached the project with a fresh and unique perspective, resulting in a delightful selection of final videos. Nice work sixth graders!"

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