Creative Artifacts Displayed at Eighth Grade MAOseum

The Eighth Grade boys spent a term devoted entirely to the study of Chinese history and culture, and the leader of the Communist Party Mao Zedong. The MAOseum Exhibit, this December, displayed art made by each student in response to the study of Mao Zedong. Included in the displays were written explanations of each student’s art, along with his own poetry. There were two parts to the boys' assignments: a power paragraph that explains what he decided to do to represent his thesis and why he chose what he created, and an artifact that supports or represents his thesis.
Christopher Khazaneh '19 said, "I learned a lot about China and its customs. My dad left his home during the Iranian Revolution and this project gave me a better understanding of what it means to be in a revolution."
Clearly, the boys had learned a great deal about China’s political history during Mao’s chairmanship of the Communist Party and were excited to share their knowledge during the exhibit. Parents and judges asked probing questions and listened intently to the presentations.
History teacher Kim Sklow added, "The boys embarked on this project with enthusiasm and energy." This was quite evident with the worked each displayed."

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