The Unicorn Has a Name!

To celebrate Allen-Stevenson's 135th year, we held a contest to name our Unicorn mascot. Launched on Founders Day, the contest was open to the entire Allen-Stevenson community -- students, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, trustees, faculty and staff (past and present). The mascot paid a surprise visit to the Founders Day Assembly to encourage everyone to participate. The boys were very enthusiastic!
The Unicorn is one of the most famous of the fabulous beasts. The mascot of the School is known for being decent and pure. A fleet and mighty warrior, the Unicorn exemplifies the fortitude of character and strength of conviction that the School seeks to give every Allen-Stevenson boy.

We received well over 150 submissions. Some funny (Fluffy Duffy), some competitive (Buckley), some a little expected (Allen, Stephen) and some with a respectful nod (Kersey, Cole). One name encompassed all the attributes of our Unicorn: strong, kind, inspiring, and a little magical too.

The name most favored was Robby, in honor of Mrs. Robelyn Schrade-James. She was our beloved Lower School Music Teacher from 1989-2014. Robelyn brought strength, kindness and creativity to everything she did at Allen-Stevenson, and has forever left an imprint.
Join us in officially welcoming Robby to the Allen-Stevenson family.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.