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  • June

    Eighth Grade Goes to Washington!

    Allen-Stevenson's eighth-grade boys are on an exceptional class trip to Washington, D.C.!

    The 8th Grade Team organized this adventure to offer the boys a service-learning experience supporting their confidence as tomorrow's change-makers.
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  • Allen-Stevenson Arts Festival

    The Art Department's Arts Festival filled our sixth-floor gym with beautiful artwork from all grades -- everything from ceramics to painting, and woodworking to video!
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  • Mr. America Performance is a Hit!

    Allen-Stevenson's third-grade students embarked upon a yearlong study of the United States, culminating in the spectacular Mr. America showcase.
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  • May

    Upper Division Spring Concert

    Allen-Stevenson's parents, students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a morning of beautiful music from our Upper Division 5/6 Wind Ensemble, 5/6 String Ensemble, and 7/8 Orchestra! Such a rousing send-off into the long weekend.
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  • 5th Grade Billion Oyster Project

    After visiting Billion Oyster Project’s (BOP) non-profit headquarters on Governors Island, fifth-grade students learned more about oysters; a keystone species in the well-being of New York City’s waterways.
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  • "12" Seventh and Eighth-Grade Play

    It was thrilling to be in the Assembly Hall experiencing Allen-Stevenson's seventh and eighth-grade production of "12" an adaptation of "Twelve Angry Men!"
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  • Seventh-Grade Hydroponics Science

    Seventh-grade science students are growing -- so is their in-depth knowledge about hydroponics and plant growth! The boys planted lettuce seeds after Winter Break and, three weeks later, planted their seedlings.
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  • Kindergarten How-To Writing

    Kindergarten students began a multi-faceted writing unit called ‘How-To’ writing, where the boys wrote about a topic/skill/activity that they could teach others.
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  • Second-Grade Math and Making T-Shirts

    Second-grade students started a t-shirt factory to reinforce some important math skills! With partners, the boys chose a company name, slogan, and logo and decorated their own t-shirts!
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  • Fourth-Grade Science Trout in the Classroom

    A few photos from the fourth-grade "Trout in the Classroom" experience including the extraordinary field trip to Pelton Pond in Upstate NY with Science Teacher, Mr. Warren.
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  • Colorful Imaginings in Sixth-Grade Art

    Imaginations run bright and colorful in the Art Studio! Throughout the school year, Ms. Exposito's sixth-grade art class has enjoyed learning about a variety of art movements, styles, and artists to inspire and inform their own work and creativity.
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  • April

    From Classroom Lesson to Life Lesson

    With an introduction from Allen-Stevenson Student Council President Xander G., today's Upper Division Assembly featured Artemis Joukowsky ‘77 who spoke to our students about a memorable assignment he was given as a student at Allen-Stevenson. 
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  • FASB Chessmates!

    FASB (Fathers of Allen-Stevenson Boys) hosted Chessmates, an ever-popular event, early this morning in our Dining Room -- What a wonderful turnout and shared community experience! Enjoy the photos!
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  • Jaison Spain #ASpotlight Interview

    You were a student here at Allen-Stevenson. What did you take away from your time here?
    The School molded me and broadened my horizons; it encouraged me to spend time with and do things with people that I wouldn't normally, and go to different places I’d never even imagined I would be able to. Being in the Orchestra and Gilbert and Sullivan – I never knew that was actually possible when I first started.
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  • Allen-Stevenson's 2022 Academic Bowl

    Allen-Stevenson's Upper Division boys gathered in person, along with faculty & staff, in the Assembly Hall for this year's Academic Bowl!
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  • Allen-Stevenson's JV Baseball Team Opens Season With a Win!

    Junior Varsity Baseball opened the season with an impressive 10-1 win over Browning!
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  • Spirit Day 2022!

    The sun came out on this glorious Spirit Day at Allen-Stevenson! Many students were decked out with beautiful handmade unicorn horns, and faculty and staff joined in the fun. 
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  • A-S Well - Community Wellness for the Body and Mind

    Allen-Stevenson's Parents Association is kicking off a month of “Community Wellness for the Body and Mind!” This morning our PA hosted the discussion, "Recognizing Anxiety and Stress in Your Children," led by a panel of dedicated experts from the heart of our own community.
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  • Fifth Grade - Real Science; The Hudson River

    The health of the mighty Hudson River has been the focus of several of Allen-Stevenson's fifth-grade science projects this year. In the fall, the boys learned about the Hudson River Watershed and Estuary, making detailed clay models.
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  • March

    Fourth-Grade Persuasive Writing AND Speaking

    All fourth-grade students began their recent persuasive writing unit by learning to define a thesis/claim, understand paragraph structure, and craft an engaging introduction and a powerful conclusion.
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  • Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore"

    Allen-Stevenson’s tradition of performing the works of Gilbert & Sullivan lives on!
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  • Third-Grade Debate!

    Allen-Stevenson holds public speaking in high regard, and all of our students are given opportunities to present, debate, and speak with and before their peers.
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    Mr. Kersey's seventh-grade history class had a profoundly moving and thought-provoking visit from Allen-Stevenson parent, Mr. Steven Markowicz, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, Philip Markowitz.
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  • 100th Day of School!

    This week, our kindergarten students were so excited to celebrate the 100th day of school! The boys loved making 100th day necklaces (with guess how many beads?) and wearing their beautiful and unique 100th day t-shirts (handmade by their dedicated, amazing teachers with each boy's artwork!). The boys had to guess how far 100 steps would take them starting from their classroom. 
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  • DEAR - Drop Everything And Read!

    This week, Director of Security, Mr. Acerbo announced over the PA, "Everyone, it's time for DEAR, please drop everything and read!" The smile in his voice was contagious as students and faculty stopped whatever they were doing to pick up a book.
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  • February

    Science and Spanish Olympics!

    The Winter Olympics are coming to a close and to cap off their Forces & Motion unit, the Eighth Grade hosted their own Olympic games!
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  • Junior Varsity Basketball Teams Show Purpose and Grit

    “Very often, the best part of coaching is when you have a team full of players who come to every practice and game with a positive attitude and play with great effort. I am delighted to say that both our Junior Varsity Blue and Gold teams had precisely those types of student-athletes,” said Coach DeGennaro.
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  • Adi's Reading Challenge 2022

    Adi’s Reading Challenge was established in 2012 to honor the life of Allen-Stevenson student and passionate reader Aditya Srinivasan '19. The challenge encourages boys (Grade Four through Grade Seven) to read a number and range of highly acclaimed, newly published books.
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  • Varsity Basketball Ends League Season with Impressive Record

    With a record of 7-0 and impressive wins over Browning, Collegiate, Riverdale, Trinity, Dalton, St. David’s, and Buckley, the team headed into another league championship battle against St. Bernard’s on February 8. A packed gym saw a fantastic game, filled with exciting plays and incredible effort from both teams. Sadly, the blue and gold did not come away with the victory.
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  • Wrestling Program in Strong Position

    Allen-Stevenson Wrestling Coaches D’Itri and Burgos have put together a competitive program once again.
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  • Camilla Iturralde #ASpotlight Interview

    This month's Faculty #ASpotlight is on Camilla Iturralde, seventh-grade advisor and integral member of Allen-Stevenson's outstanding Spanish Department. Read on to learn more about Camilla, her teaching philosophy, and her journey to joining the Allen-Stevenson community.
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  • Winter Concerts - The Sound of Live Music - Live Stream Video

    Allen-Stevenson's Winter Concerts warmed our hearts with the beautiful sound of music! It was a great pleasure hearing the outstanding orchestral and choral performances by our students from Third Grade to Eighth Grade.
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  • January

    Kindergarten Bestseller Bookstore!

    Ms. Phillips’ Kindergarten bookstore was a delightful success! The boys were excited to celebrate completing a grade-level, in-depth writing unit by proudly sharing their imaginative stories with one another and with their grown-up visitors.
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  • Third-Grade Dive into US History

    Third-grade students began reading their first biography, "The Story of Abraham Lincoln," as they began their exploration of United States history. In this first nonfiction unit, the boys learned about Abe as the proud son of farmers who were determined, as one student stated, "to work with his mind, not his hands."
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    Allen-Stevenson’s Varsity Basketball team is off to an impressive and exciting 4-0 start with convincing wins over the strong teams at Collegiate, Riverdale, Trinity, and Dalton. The boys are vying for an opportunity to play in back-to-back league championship games.
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  • The Caldecott Book Awards Allen-Stevenson's Choice!

    Last week, Allen-Stevenson students, K-3 took to the voting booths to cast their ballot for their favorite mock-Caldecott Book Award winner. Ms. Alegre, Lower Division Librarian, knows that our boys love books! With this in mind, she engaged students in a Mock-Caldecott Awards unit, which culminated in a book “election” complete with digital voting ballots, a private voting booth, and an “I Voted Today” sticker. 
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  • Kindergarten - Passionate Learners

    In Homeroom, Kindergarten students are given a variety of dynamic and engaging ways to develop their literacy and math skills.
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    Coach Alifano

    The team opened its league play with a home game against Collegiate on Thursday, January 13. Their trapping 2-3 zone turned the Collegiate team over multiple times in the first half, resulting in a 16-point lead at halftime. The final score was: Allen-Stevenson 56  -- Collegiate 24!
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  • A Day at the MAOseum

    Today, eighth-grade students presented their research-based history projects about Mao Zedong for a day at the MAOseum!

    Students developed a thesis about whether or not Mao was an effective leader during the Cultural Revolution and conducted research to support their thesis.
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  • Hearts For Hearts

    Hearts for Hearts was first introduced to our Allen-Stevenson community in 2017 by a compassionate group of boys seeking to support victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Carolinas. The effort was so successful that the making and selling of origami hearts to support a worthy cause has become a beloved student-driven tradition at the School.
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  • Bringing Nature Into the Classroom

    Fifth Grade Teacher Maurice Hicks brings literal life into the classroom by sharing his love of plants with his students. An avid gardener himself, Mr. Hicks teaches the boys to care for living things and creates opportunities for meaningful curricular connections and life lessons along the way.
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  • Invention Convention 2021

    Invention Convention 2021 was part of a decade-long Allen-Stevenson tradition promoting students’ problem-solving and creative thinking skills. This year’s theme was “magnets,” and it was inspiring to see how each student devised a unique and thoughtful way of integrating the theme. Equally inspiring was the boys’ joyful enthusiasm to explain the function and thought process behind their invention to each visitor.
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  • Late 4 Morning Planning Creates Deeper Learning in First Grade Plant Study

    Providing time for collaboration through the new Late 4 Morning planning time for teachers, a feature of the new 7-day schedule this year will now bring the first graders’ study of plants and their systems to life! The First Grade homeroom teachers (Jenny Griffiths, Sophy Joseph and Barbara Shindler), Director of the Greenhouse Chap Warren, Science Department Head, Jack Cooley, and Lower Division Science Teacher Jennifer Vermont-Davis were thrilled to have a common time to meet given that their teaching schedules usually overlap. Over several Late 4 Morning planning sessions, the group devised a fabulous unit that extends the study of plants in science class into the boys’ daily homeroom discussions and incorporates the new Greenhouse.
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  • Safe and Savvy Searching: Digital Fluency at Allen-Stevenson

    The first iPhone hit the market in 2007, just fourteen years ago and a year before most of our eighth graders were born. Our current Allen-Stevenson students have never lived in a time without the internet, smartphones, and social media. Coming to this realization, in 2014, Allen-Stevenson’s Sarah Kresberg and Liz Storch (later joined by Tatyana Dvorkin) proposed that our students needed to learn the critical tools necessary to navigate this new, fast-paced, and often turbulent digital world. And thus, Digital Fluency was born.
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  • Transforming Favorite Snacks into Pop Art

    Alex Exposito, an accomplished artist and Allen-Stevenson Art Teacher, introduced our fifth-grade boys to the work of contemporary pop artists Joan Linder, Claus Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, and Takashi Murakami.
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  • Upper Division Assembly - We're Back!

    This morning's Upper Division Assembly featured Head of School, David Trower, who thanked our students for coming out in droves to yesterday's on-site COVID testing before the return to school today. He emphasized the importance of protecting one another before demonstrating for the boys the proper wearing of medical-grade masks (now required).
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  • A Look at the Best of 2021 - Here's to an Exciting 2022!

    Happy New Year from Allen-Stevenson!

    We are deeply grateful to be part of an exceptional community that has supported one another throughout an outstanding year of learning.

    We very much look forward to spending a healthy, joyful 2022 together!

    Please enjoy this video recap of some of 2021's highlights at Allen-Stevenson and stay tuned for more news coming soon!
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