Doctors Dialogue

Being a parent has always been both joyful and challenging at times. In today’s world, this role feels like it has become even more stressful and complex. Allen-Stevenson is partnering with professionals who have worked with the School and know our community to offer a four-part parent presentation and discussion series, similar to one held a few years ago.

The Dialogue

Part I: Child Development Needs

Dr. Corrigan will focus on dilemmas parents face when their child’s developmental needs are out of sync with a parent’s understanding and plans.

Part III: Emotional, Behavioral and Social Difficulties

Dr. Benjamin Harris will look at anxieties and concerns a parent faces as a child’s emotional style and needs unfold.

Part II: Supporting Your Child's Learning

Dr. Dince will discuss anxieties and concerns a parent faces as a child’s individual learning paths begin to develop.

Part IV: Influence of Our Own Experiences

Dr. Schwartzman will explore how we are influenced by our own growing up experiences and personal needs and how this impacts our efforts as parents.

The Doctors

    • Dr. Edward Corrigan

      Psychologist/Psychoanalyst in private practice for children and adults. Former president of the Section for Children and Adolescents for the Society for Psychoanalysis of The American Psychoanalytic Association, Faculty and Supervisor: Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Editor and Author: The Mind Object: Precocity and The Pathology of Self Sufficiency. Editor and Publisher: The Cure for Psychoanalysis.

    • Dr. William Dince

      Child and Adolescent Neuropsychologist in private practice in New York. He taught at City University of New York, and the Institute for Child, Adolescent and Family Studies. His practice is based upon the Clinical Teaching Model, where children and adolescents learn to use their cognitive, attentional and emotional strengths to compensate for their individual weaknesses.

    • Dr. Benjamin Harris

      Psychologist. Clinical Professor at CCNY in the doctoral program in clinical psychology. Associate Director of the Psychological Center at CCNY, a community mental health center in West Harlem. Private practice with a specialization in adolescence, and young adults as well as group therapy for adolescents. Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Harris taught 4th Grade for 5 years. He lives with his wife and one teenage girl and has one teenage boy in college.

    • Dr. Michael Schwartzman

      Psychologist/ Psychoanalyst. Consulting Psychologist, The Allen-Stevenson School (since 1993). Private practice with a specialization in the treatment of children, adolescents, and their families. Dr. Schwartzman is the author of The Anxious Parent, (Simon and Schuster), and co-wrote the child development and parenting column, "Stages," as a Contributor at Child magazine. He and his wife Lisa are the parents of three adult children.

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