Building Project

We have begun an unprecedented campus planning project that will provide modern, expanded learning spaces to support our evolving program of Academics, Arts and Athletics. These new spaces will enable our students to grow and thrive intellectually, socially, and physically, and to approach the learning process with creativity and confidence. The new and repurposed spaces will give our boys amazing opportunities to develop complex skills and thrive in Kindergarten through Ninth Grade, and beyond.

Project News

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  • October 29 2019 Update

    Final mechanical installations are almost complete in the north gym.
  • September 5 2019 Update

    Air-handling equipment was lifted onto the roof by crane.
  • July 24 2019 Update

    Progress on the building of the Covered Play Roof continues.
  • May 9 2019 Update

    The façade of the Townhouse has been restored back to the original look as per the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Master Plan

Our updated facilities will support a robust educational learning foundation for Kindergarten through Ninth Grade. Despite the hopes of some to extend the School through high school, it will not be used for this purpose, and enrollment will remain just over 400. When the entire project is completed, Allen-Stevenson will have a state-of-the-art schoolhouse that will:
   • Support inquiry, project based, and interdisciplinary learning programs in the sciences, humanities, and other areas;
   • Create high quality educational facilities with appropriate opportunities for flexibility, transparency, and collaboration;
   • Provide additional space for physical education and wellness;
   • Add a new multi-purpose arts space to accommodate classes, rehearsals, and recitals for music, dance, and drama; and
   • Use the best technology available to enhance teaching and learning.


A primary goal of our building project is to provide learning environments that can adjust to changing academic needs. The finished project will provide five state-of-the-art science and engineering spaces, including a rooftop greenhouse, that reflect advances in what we know about how children learn. Click here for more information and renderings.


With the Performing and Visual Arts as a core element of our program, the new facility will provide expanded practice and performing spaces for our music and dance programs as well as enlarged art studio and woodshop spaces. Click here for more information and renderings.


Our new Athletics & Fitness Center will offer expanded and centralized facilities for our Physical Education and Athletics Program. Click here to more information and renderings.

Animation of New Spaces


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  • Why is Allen-Stevenson undertaking this ambitious project?

    While honoring Allen-Stevenson’s long-standing traditions and core values, we are actively mindful of fresh research, new technologies, changing family needs, and the influence of the culture around us on students themselves. Changes in the way students learn and teachers teach demand adaptable academic programming as well as space that can support it appropriately.

    The opportunities our boys will have tomorrow require solid grounding today, a kind of preparation that is palpably different from the schooling previous generations received. Active Allen-Stevenson learning experiences in academics, athletics, and the arts will set our students up for success. These experiences empower every boy’s curiosity, build his confidence, and make him a lifelong learner.
  • What specific needs does this project address?

    The newly acquired townhouse, combined with our existing, renovated facilities, will allow us to develop a comprehensive campus with expanded science and engineering spaces, an enlarged Library Tech Commons, and a full-scale regulation-sized gymnasium incorporated into a newly expanded athletics and physical fitness suite. The new and repurposed spaces will give the boys the opportunities they need to develop complex skills and thrive as students in K through 9, and beyond. It will not only enhance their overall education but will also solidify Allen-Stevenson’s place as a leader in the education of boys for generations to come.
  • What is the schedule for construction?

    Following the successful city agency approvals process, the School began demolition of our two townhouses in the Summer of 2016 and construction is proceeding on the townhouse project. While construction phasing schedules are not yet final, and a project of this magnitude is likely to require schedule adjustments, we expect the full project to be complete in 36-48 months. We will communicate more specific details as they become available.
  • Does A-S need any City approvals for this project?

    Yes, in January 2015, the School received unanimous approval from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to proceed with development of our proposal. In November 2014, Community Board 8, our local organization, and their Landmarks Committee approved our LPC application. And in August 2016, we received approval from the Bureau of Standards and Appeals.
  • Will school enrollment increase?

    No, school enrollment will remain at roughly 400 boys.
  • Will this project disrupt school for students?

    Although the exact timetable for completion of the various phases of construction are still being finalized, we are already working with our architects and contractors to minimize moves and disruption to the learning of our boys. As phasing plans are developed, we will communicate with the entire community to explain our plans and schedules.
    We know that our new facility will provide exceptional opportunities to make our educational program of Academics, Arts & Athletics even stronger. However, as many Allen-Stevenson veterans will remember from our last construction project, the process of improving physical facilities comes with inconveniences and interruptions. We are confident that, as in the past, our community will come together to weather these disruptions as we recognize that the disruption will prove worthwhile
  • Will construction impact our neighbors?

    Since our arrival on 78th Street in 1924, the School has prided itself on being a good neighbor. We are conscious of the many active construction projects on East 78th Street and will work closely with our contractor to ensure that our site is safe and secure always. We understand the importance of being sensitive to our neighbors during our project. We will continue to make every effort to be responsive to their needs throughout construction.
  • What is Allen-Stevenson doing to keep the community informed?

    We have established these web pages as a vehicle for communicating news and progress of the project. We are also happy to answer all appropriate questions – please email


We know our new facility will provide exceptional opportunities to make our educational program of academics, athletics and the arts even stronger. However, as many of our Allen-Stevenson veterans will remember from the last construction project, the process of improving physical facilities comes with certain inconveniences and interruptions. We are confident that, as in the past, our community will come together to weather these disruptions as we recognize that the disruption will prove worthwhile.
Questions? Please email Winnie Barnes, Director of Organizational Initiatives, at


    • 78th Street

      78th Street

    • Greenhouse


    • 3rd Floor Science Lab

      3rd Floor Science Lab

    • 4th Floor Science Lab

      4th Floor Science Lab

    • Performing Arts Pavilion

      Performing Arts Pavilion

    • Art Room

      Art Room

    • North Gym

      North Gym

    • South Gym

      South Gym

    • Covered Rooftop

      Covered Rooftop

    • Wrestling Room

      Wrestling Room

    • Wellness Center

      Wellness Center

    • Main Hall

      Main Hall

    • Building Section

      Building Section

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