Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education at Allen-Stevenson plays an integral role in developing the whole child. We promote the health and well being of all students by offering multiple opportunities for physical movement. It is our belief that boys who are healthy and active have a greater focus in the classroom and thus a richer learning experience.

We encourage all our boys to discover how their bodies can move: focusing on directionality, levels, spatial awareness, balance, agility, and speed. Our goal is to have them participate in a variety of loco-motor skills and body management skills. Through these types of activities, we not only develop the body and mind, we also establish the foundation to build social skills.

Developing social skills is a theme that runs throughout our Physical Education and Athletics Program. Through movement and collaborative games, we begin to build a greater understanding and appreciation for teamwork and sportsmanship. These activities also teach respect, responsibility, cooperation, collaboration, and communication.
Our program embraces the differences in each child and thus strives to expose them to a variety of athletic activities. ~ Rich Alifano, Director, Athletics/Physical Education

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.