Music Classes

Music Classes

  • In Lower Division, students are empowered to explore music and music-making. They are led through an upward spiraling learning process where they experience music, describe and define elements of what they have experienced and then use the skills learned from those experiences to inform their music-making.
  • Students are guided to explore music through movement and dramatic play to create rich physical connections to the music that they are studying. One of the ways students explore music is by learning about the many different communities that exist within New York City and their relationships to music.
  • Each year, each grade celebrates music and their cumulative musical skills with a performance where students sing, move, and play. This performance, often based around a piece of literature, which is familiar to the students, relies heavily on these student-musicians and their artistic choices for the show.
  • The Lower Division Music Program looks to teach fundamental skills of music in ways that actively engage students’ lived experience.
  • We provide the boys with a variety of musical experiences that challenge them in different ways. They play recorders. They sing. They dance. They are improving their music reading as well as their music writing. They listen and create. They learn the process of self-discovery, of taking risks, of figuring out how they learn and how they can best express their musical selves.
  • Boys have numerous performance opportunities. Beyond the classroom, many boys are now studying privately, performing in recitals, and participating in Ensembles, Orchestra, Chorus and/or Gilbert & Sullivan. With performance, there is a discipline. The boys are ready for this stage of their music development and tackle it with enthusiasm.

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