Instrumental Instruction

Instrumental Instruction

  • Boys have the opportunity to learn to play instruments from the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families during their time at Allen-Stevenson in a one-on-one setting with professional performing musicians. Our instrumental instructors come to us with many years of teaching along with a wide variety of performing experiences including The Metropolitan Opera, American Ballet Theater, and other well known New York musical institutions.
  • The teachers work with students towards studio recitals, instrumental assemblies and their orchestral performances. Currently, at Allen-Stevenson, an estimated 200 boys are taking instrumental lessons during the school week and an estimated 100 boys play in ensembles and/or orchestra.

Instrumental Instructors

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.

The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks to forward the equity and diversity of our community in our admissions, programs and hiring. The Allen-Stevenson School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by local, state and federal law. The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks diversity in its faculty and student body.