Upper School

Sports, Intramurals & Dance

The boys may choose to participate on an interscholastic team or an intramural activity. We offer eight different types of sport teams (cross country, soccer, flag football, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, and track) that comprise twelve team opportunities for our boys.

Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams play a competitive schedule within the Manhattan Private Middle School League. Our fall and spring teams practice and play games on Randall’s Island and our winter teams use the School’s facility.

Our interscholastic program encourages and inspires boys to participate and to appreciate the positive outcomes that come with being part of a team. Each player is asked to work hard, participate with a great attitude and effort, and to place the team before himself. Both varsity and junior varsity players are taught not only the skills and strategies of their sport, but also the understanding of how to win and lose gracefully. At the end of their experience at Allen-Stevenson our players are prepared to be impactful and successful members for their high school teams.

The intramural program consists of a variety of sports and fitness activities throughout the school year. It is designed for the boy who prefers a less competitive environment and enjoys being physically active with his classmates.

Each class consists of a warm up activity followed by a sport activity (basketball, indoor soccer, touch football, ultimate Frisbee, etc.) or a fitness activity (speed and agility, strength training, cardiovascular training etc.). For some boys our intramural program is the first step to encouraging them to participate on a school team, for others, it’s the best fit throughout their time at Allen-Stevenson.

The Allen-Stevenson Dance Company (A.S.D.C.) was created in 2009 as a way for enthusiastic young artists to pursue additional dance classes outside of the allotted curriculum hours. This humble idea flourished into a dance company that spans across two divisions. Boys are eligible to join the dance company beginning in Fifth Grade. Company members work together throughout the year on choreography that combines the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop. As a returning company member transitions to the Upper School an additional technique class is added to their rehearsal schedule. Each seven-week rehearsal process culminates in a fully produced show. In the spring, grades four through eight combine for a large-scale dance concert.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.