Middle School

Middle School Overview

Welcome to Middle School

The Middle School program, for boys in Fourth through Sixth Grades, is steeped in the development of basic skills and enhanced with rich content. The emphasis is on research, questioning, discussion, making connections and articulating thoughts and ideas within the structure of the various disciplines. We teach individual boys to become independent, thoughtful and creative thinkers. Our mission is to encourage each boy to embrace his learning, take risks and strive to do his very best work.

Each boy receives instruction in writing and reading skills, attends study skills classes, develops knowledge of spelling and grammar and gains an understanding of how words are formed through the study of Language Fundamentals. Research and technology broaden these skills and form the foundation of our academic program. Science is taught through a hands-on laboratory program, where the process of discovery is merged with specific scientific teaching. Mathematics instruction combines basic mathematical concepts and an integration of skills with a focus on applications of real world math. The boys continue their study of Spanish throughout the Middle School and into the Upper School.

STEAM is a transdisciplinary (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) curriculum that focuses on student-centered collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, and has been fully integrated into the Middle School program. Each grade level is engaged in project-based learning that encourages this type of teaching and learning.

In the Middle School, we provide the boys with opportunities to try something new and to begin to discover lifelong passions. Boys may participate in the chorus, various orchestra programs, drama productions, athletic teams and a host of electives, in addition to a variety of community service activities.

We hope our boys arrive each morning with their backpacks of books, musical instruments and athletic gear, along with a frame of mind that says, “I will give my very best effort in all that I do!”
We provide the boys with opportunities to try something new and to begin to discover lifelong passions.
~ Kim Kyte, Middle School Head

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.