Learning at Allen-Stevenson

Learning at Allen-Stevenson

Our complex world is continuing to change, requiring our students to use their knowledge and technologies in multiple ways. In order to support our students to become lifelong learners, we have made a shift in the classroom that promotes deeper learning. While we still embrace the importance of foundational skills that include reading, writing, math, science and world language, deeper learning helps us bring learning to the next level. Our students are asked to use prior knowledge to connect to new ideas.

At Allen-Stevenson, as we design meaningful learning experiences, we understand that when teaching content for mastery, deeper learning occurs when a student is asked to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively and communicate effectively. By supporting these competencies, a student learns information more deeply, and they get more out of the learning experience. Unlike a traditional model in which teachers simply deliver information to students, teachers at Allen- Stevenson serve as learning guides. They help boys to make connections and build upon concepts as they apply what they have learned to new and complex ideas.

Below are examples that show how our teachers are creating learning experiences that prepare our students to venture into the world as well-rounded, world-ready citizens who treat others around them with respect and compassion. 

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.