Deeper Learning at Allen-Stevenson

What is Deeper Learning at Allen-Stevenson?

“At Allen-Stevenson, we believe that life is intrinsically interesting and that a good education unlocks its mysteries. We cannot educate solely in terms of achievement testing or secondary school placement, but rather for the wonder, play, exploration and discovery that only childhood can afford. Our teachers encourage each boy to stretch his talents and appreciate the energy, interests and perspectives that others bring. As a result, our graduates are more than prepared: they are self-aware, compassionate, and world ready. They are open to deeper learning.”

~ David Trower, Head of School

Click on the following videos to hear the Head of School, administrators and teachers describe deeper learning at Allen-Stevenson:

    • Head of School | Experiences in the 3As

    • First Grade Math with Real-World Applications

    • Science Program Encourages Critical Thinking and Real-World Problem Solving

    • Building Readers

    • Spanish Program Develops Passionate Learners and Compassionate Achievers

    • Music as an Integral Part of Our Educational Program

    • 5th Grade Collaborative Curriculum

    • Athletics Goes Beyond Motor and Cognitive Skills

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.