1:1 Laptop Program
Digital Life

Home Use

Home Use

Having 24 hour access to laptops and other digital devices can lead to time management issues. Although these tools can be used for many positive learning activities, they can also cause distractions. We believe that students can learn tools and strategies to regulate and control their own time management. All students will participate in a new Digital Fluency curriculum to help develop these skills.

Time Management Tools & Resources

  • Cold Turkey is a simple application designed to reduce visual distractions on your computer.
  • Stay Focused! 5 Tools to Avoid Distractions
  • FocusMe has the best features to block websites and applications
  • Review and Age Ratings - Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids: Common Sense Media
  • Easy Ways Parents Can Tame Their Device Use: Common Sense Media
  • Alta Ipsum lets users create a task list to finish assignments, set goals, and keep track of returned items
  • Circle lets parents monitor kids’ access to various websites, WiFi
  • Toggl - useful for time management - it's "free", simple, and helps build awareness of how time is used/unused


Allen-Stevenson does not install filtering software on its laptops. You may want to consider adding filtering at home. If so, we recommend OpenDNS, Securly and Common Sense Media. Parents should consider “time and place” issues as well as : family-determined limits on how long and where the computer is used.

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