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Mission, Traditions & History

As teachers and educators, our role is to empower each boy's natural curiosity to develop his capacities, values and skills, not only to learn about the world around us but also to value the diverse fabric of humanity.
~ David R. Trower, Head of School


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  • Vision Statement


    At Allen-Stevenson we help every boy achieve his best potential within an inclusive community of joyful learners and their families. We expect him to be active and engaged in his own learning, so that he becomes intellectually, socially and emotionally strong. We help boys learn that they can make a difference, that is, to make the world a better place.

    As teachers and educators, our role is to empower each boy's natural curiosity to develop his capacities, values and skills, not only to learn about the world around us but also to value the diverse fabric of humanity. Through a collaborative culture of inquiry, we design learning experiences that challenge boys to take thoughtful risks in pursuing excellence in achieving their best potential.

    We educate each boy to acquire cultural competence and global understanding, to appreciate community and engaged citizenship, and to develop the drive to share responsibility for promoting a sustainable and equitable world.
  • Our Mission

    Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen. In the belief that there are many ways to be a boy, the School offers an ongoing commitment to each student and uses the best insights and tools available to understand him as a whole person. We inspire in each boy an appreciation of responsible citizenship and a lifelong love of learning.
  • How We Accomplish Our Mission

    Allen-Stevenson’s vigorous, pre-secondary program of academics, athletics, and the arts teaches boys to value the gratifying process by which excellence is attained. By creating a joyful, safe environment for learning, the School seeks to ensure a productive, diverse community of learners. We challenge our students to take suitable risks, learn from their mistakes, and support each other. Ultimately, we encourage boys to move through life strongly and rightly—with confidence, knowledge, enthusiasm, resilience, and respect for all.
  • Allen-Stevenson and Its Community

    Allen-Stevenson promotes diverse perspectives, honest dialogue and mutual respect. This educational process requires constant engagement and considerate thinking. As participants in a vigorous learning environment, all of us are obliged to accept the experiences, dignity and rights of others.
    Therefore, faculty and staff, administrators, students past and present, parents and trustees are expected to:
    • Demonstrate an awareness of and respect for the human experiences that exist within the diverse cultures that make up the world in which we live;
    • Incorporate in the life of the School a diversity that may include – but is not limited to – race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, learning style, physical ability, sexual orientation, family structure or socio-economic status; and
    • Acquire the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary for participating in cross-cultural interactions and promoting mutual understanding.
    Allen-Stevenson’s commitment to an inclusive educational community informs our admissions policies, our hiring practices, our curriculum, and the allocation of our resources.
  • The Allen-Stevenson Code

    At Allen-Stevenson we inspire boys to become…
    An Allen-Stevenson Boy is a Scholar and a Gentleman.
    Behavior becoming an Allen-Stevenson boy is expected at all times.


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  • Our Traditions

    Allen-Stevenson is rich with traditions. Some of these are cherished experiences that take the form of events that are held every year and have become ingrained in many aspects of the school. Other traditions include the school’s symbols, songs and codes. Alumni often mention that these traditions are what they remember about the school and come back to visit to share in these special events.  Below are some of these traditions.  For a full list, please click here.
  • Arts and Music Festival

    The Arts and Music Festival combined with the Book Fair is part of a series of cultural events held in the late spring. The celebration leads off with the Spring Concert followed by the Seventh Grade and Nightingale-Bamford performance of a classic dramatic work. A diversity of art and shop projects that each boy has made during the year is displayed for three days during the Festival. In this exciting setting, Allen-Stevenson families are invited to view the artwork, watch the Third Grade production, participate in a Ninth Grade "Facing History" critique, enjoy studio recitals, and peruse the book offerings with their son's class.
  • Founders Day

    The School honors its founders, Francis Bellows Allen and Robert Alston Stevenson, with an all-school celebration on the Friday before the Columbus Day weekend. Different grades are paired together to work on projects and take part in the festivities that celebrate the School’s birthday. A guest speaker, an alumnus or a former member of the faculty, tells of his relationship with Allen-Stevenson years ago.
  • Gilbert & Sullivan

    Each March, a spectacular production of one of Gilbert & Sullivan's operettas is performed by Grades Five and Six boys and Upper School boys. Auditions for the lead roles (available to boys in Grades Six through Nine) take place in the fall and rehearsals begin soon after. Boys in Grades Five through Nine are invited to participate in the choruses. Some brave members of the faculty and staff volunteer to be part of these choruses as well. The musical score is played primarily by the School's instrumental instructors. Parents take part in this celebrated tradition by helping with costumes and make-up and by being an enthusiastic audience.
  • The Allen-Stevenson Song

    The Allen-Stevenson song becomes a part of every Allen-Stevenson boy's repertoire. The words and music are by Rolande Young Schrade, ASCAP, the former Lower School Music Director from 1968 until 1989:
    We hail thee, Al-len-Stev-en-son----fort-i-ter et rec-te.
    With joy un-told the blue and gold----will be with us al-ways.
    The days grow short as we grow tall, our faith grows firm, our fears grow small.
    We hail thee, Al-len-Stev-en-son----fort-i-ter et rec-te.
    And as the lamplight shows the way, we strongly, rightly live each day.
    We hail thee, Al-len-Stev-en-son----fort-i-ter et rec-te.
  • The Mascot

    The unicorn is one of the most famous of the fabulous beasts. The mascot of the School is known for being decent and pure. A fleet and mighty warrior, the unicorn exemplifies the fortitude of character and strength of conviction that the School seeks to give every Allen-Stevenson boy.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.

The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks to forward the equity and diversity of our community in our admissions, programs and hiring. The Allen-Stevenson School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by local, state and federal law. The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks diversity in its faculty and student body.