Reunion Weekend

Reunion Class Reps

Contact your Reunion Class Representative for details about your upcoming reunion or other class gatherings. 

Can't Reach Your Reunion Class Rep?

If you are having trouble reaching your Reunion Class Representative or you would like to volunteer to help organize your class reunion, please email Samantha Koss or call 212-933-5240.

Celebrating a Reunion in 2018

1953 (65th Reunion): needed
(55th Reunion): needed
(50th Reunion): needed
1973 (45th Reunion): needed

1978 (40th Reunion): needed

1983 (35th Reunion): needed
1988 (30th Reunion): needed
1993 (25th Reunion): needed
1998 (20th Reunion): needed 

2003 (15th Reunion): A. Reed Katz

2008 (10th Reunion): needed
2013 (5th Reunion): needed
2018 (First Reunion): Addeson Lehv, Zale Peart

Thank You to these Class Reps who have planned past Reunions

1942: F. Richard Ford III, Shepard Brown
1943: Russel Patterson
1947: Montague Hackett Jr., Joseph van Beuren Wittmann Jr.
1950: Tony Cowen
1951: Bob Freedman, Kenneth McIntosh, Thomas Rossiter
1952Will Stewart III
1957: Lawrence Lippert, Lawrence Speidell 
1958Robert Liberman
1959: Andrew Burger
1960: Ronald Rolfe, Bruce Barnet
1961: Dean Sanborn, August Boehm, Alan Goldberg

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