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First Graders Engage in Hands-On Aviation Science Experiment

Hands-on science experiments allow our boys to engage in joyful self-directed discovery!
First graders completed a science unit on flight, thrust, lift, and distance in class with Jennifer Vermont-Davis. To collect data and conceptualize these concepts, boys created paper airplanes with varying structures. Through their own research and experimentation, boys found that how far their plane goes depends on the structure of the wings.

Boys added “cargo” in the form of coins, paperclips, and other household items and compared their data sets. Through trial and error, students were able to engage with the curriculum and deepen their understanding of the scientific concepts at play through self-directed discovery. 

“Passionate learners! That is what this project was all about,” said Ms. Vermont-Davis. “When the boys are the ones driving their learning, it will be meaningful. Learning science depends not only on the accumulation of facts and concepts but also on developing an identity as a competent learner through hands.” 

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