8th Grade Legacy Gift

The Eighth Grade Legacy Gift is a new tradition that provides a meaningful way for our Eighth Grade families to honor their time at Allen-Stevenson, and for our Eighth Graders to learn about the importance of philanthropy and giving back. This gift supports a specific purpose at the school selected by the students that will benefit future generations of Allen-Stevenson boys. Eighth Grade families are asked to make one meaningful and increased parting gift to A-S that supports both the Annual Fund and the Eighth Grade Legacy Gift. 

Class of 2020 - Advanced Lighting for the Assembly Hall

The Class of 2020 voted for their 8th Grade Legacy Gift on December 12, 2018. The 8th Grade boys chose to sponsor new lighting and technical equipment for the Assembly Hall. The new lighting console and LED lights will provide students with cutting-edge technology to enhance Allen-Stevenson’s plays and performances, as well as the technical theater program.
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  • Class of 2019 - Outfitting the Maker Resource Room

    The Class of 2019 will outfit the Maker Resource Room, a new space part of the building project in the Library Tech commons. This gift with provides the resources for much needed new equipment and materials including tabletop laser cutters, new 3D printers, hand and power tools, and leather working and sewing items. The Class of 2019 was excited by the prospect of supporting a need of the Library, which has provided so much job to their class. 

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  • Class of 2017 - Unrestricted Support

    Instead of supporting a particular initiative, the Class of 2017 elected to support the Annual Fund and allow the school’s leadership to direct their support to an area of greatest need, which includes A-S Scholarship support as well as educational, artistic, and athletic initiatives

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  • Class of 2018 -Wellness Center Equipment

    The new Wellness Center will be the finest strength training room for Allen-Stevenson boys and will feature age-appropriate strength training equipment (rowing machines, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, etc.) gifted by the Class of 2018. The Wellness Center is part of the new athletics facilities currently under construction as part of the building project.

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  • Class of 2016 - Grand Piano

    The Class of 2016 gifted a new grand piano for the music-teaching studio on the School’s first floor. Their gift was made in memory of Robelyn Schrade-James, the beloved lower school music teacher and pianist with whom many generations of Allen-Stevenson boys were privileged to study.

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