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Second and Third Grade Invention Conventions

The imaginative second and third grade boys dazzled us with their problem solving and creative thinking skills, by inventing both practical and creative products for their Invention Conventions on March 2 and 9. The boys spent five weeks designing and maintaining an inventors’ journal; learning about inventors and their inventions; finding a problem to solve; making preliminary drawings of their ideas; creating a list of needed materials; building a prototype (optional); presenting their ideas to the class; and responding to feedback. Following approval, the boys were ready to create, design and build their inventions.

Some inventions were based on personal experiences, while some were designed to make one’s life easier (especially the ones for teachers). Other creations sought ways to improve and solve problems in the home, while others focused on caring for the environment, incorporating recycled materials such as plastic bottles and caps. For the first time, there were also inventions using iPads and laptops.

It was truly a wonderful morning, and the spirit of Rube Goldberg was most certainly alive in many of our young creative inventors.