As I See It - June 2017

Dear Alumni,
As I was leaving School last Thursday for the Labor Day weekend, I ran into Señoritas Iturralde, Spielberg, and Lopez, working late on a bulletin board that will invite the boys to use a word bank to complete funny Spanish MadLibs. (The Spanish bulletin boards are the School’s best!) But what were they doing here I wanted to know when everyone was headed to the beach. Teachers, will they never learn? So I tried to finish a sentence that began with Una noche--but alas I couldn’t manage it. We had a laugh and I left them to their work buoyed by their excitement at the start of school. For the first time since coming back from Maine, I, too, began to look forward to the first day of school and a new group of boys, and new ways of looking at American history and Shakespeare’s problematic play, The Merchant of Venice. Every year the question: how to teach what you’ve taught before.
My colleagues are inspiring in their own efforts, and the high pedagogical standard they set keeps me, keeps us all, alert and determined to do what is best for the boys. I used to say, somewhat disingenuously, that I wanted to teach in a school where the teachers were better than I. That is certainly the case today. 
So the School begins its 135th year with 420 boys and a superb faculty of 94 full and part-time teachers. I wanted you to know.
Fortiter et Recte, 
David Kersey h'98
Faculty since 1969

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Alumni Council Meeting
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Tuesday, November 21
Young Alumni Day
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