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Community Life + Diversity

Community Life + Diversity

Allen-Stevenson promotes diverse perspectives, honest dialogue and mutual respect. This educational process requires constant engagement and considerate thinking. As participants in a vigorous learning environment, all of us are obliged to accept the experiences, dignity and rights of others.
Therefore, faculty and staff, administrators, students past and present, parents and trustees are expected to:
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and respect for the human experiences that exist within the diverse cultures that make up the world in which we live;
  • Incorporate in the life of the School a diversity that may include – but is not limited to – race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, learning style, physical ability, sexual orientation, family structure or socio-economic status; and
  • Acquire the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary for participating in cross-cultural interactions and promoting mutual understanding.
Allen-Stevenson’s commitment to an inclusive educational community informs our admissions policies, our hiring practices, our curriculum, and the allocation of our resources.


Parent Chats are for all Allen-Stevenson parents.

2016-17 Chat Topics
• Civility
• Dr. Ali Michael 
• Dads' Chat
• "The Mask You Live In"
Others to be announced 

2015-16 Chat Topics
• Our Mission and Community Statement
• The ABCs of Diversity in Our Curriculum
• Dads' Chat
• What White Children Need to Know About Race
• Socioeconomics
• How to Promote a Culture of Kindness

2014-15 Chat Topics
• It Takes A Village: Building Parent Networks
• GLSEN-Creating a Safe Space at Home
• Dads' Chat
• Ferguson, Staten Island and how we can deepen our
understanding when events in the news elicit many different responses
• Assumptions

2013-14 Chat Topics
• How to Help Families Cope with Illness
• Power of Language
• Are You Sure You Should Say That?
• A-S Code Words
• Dads' Chat

2012-13 Chat Topics
• Social & Emotional Well Being of Your Son
• Race and Our Community
• Dads' Chat
• Share Your Story: Religious Traditions
• Raising a Generous Child

Affinity Groups

BOCAS: Boys of Color at Allen-Stevenson
Weekly meetings for Middle and Upper School Boys

ERGO: Exploring Race, Gender and Origins
Weekly meetings for Middle School Boys

Families of Color
Asian Families 
GSA: Gay Straight Alliance
Open Family Night 

SFoC: Staff & Faculty of Color 
GSA: Gay Straight Alliance 


List of 3 news stories.

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    Black History Month was celebrated at Wednesday Morning Meeting through inspirational presentations, readings and music. The meeting opened with a welcome from Zac Omar '18 and a trumpet solo from Jaden Yablon '19, who played a ragtime piece, "The Easy Winners," by Scott Joplin, an early African American composer.
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  • Experiencing World Cultures at the International Festival

    The International Festival provided an amazing opportunity for the Allen-Stevenson community to travel to over 25 countries around the world. With displays and activities in the gym at the country booths, dance performances in the Assembly Hall and a mouth-watering feast in the Dining Room, there was plenty to appeal to all the senses.
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  • A Variety of Ally Week Activities Across the School

    All three divisions at Allen-Stevenson found a way to recognize Ally Week again this year, which is a wonderful opportunity for all of our boys to learn about difference, respect and safety for all students. Nationally, Ally Week is an effort empowering students to be allies to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) youth and to stand up against bullying, gender stereotypes and name-calling in schools. It is about encouraging students to be allies in our school and celebrating the allies we already have.
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Community Life + Diversity Team

Lorenzo Bellard

Devin LaSane

Liz Storch

Jennifer Vermont-Davis
Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.