The Allen-Stevenson Parents Association serves to foster and maintain a sense of community among the parents and the school, and to assist through special programs and projects in the good and welfare of our community. 

All parents and guardians of the students at The Allen-Stevenson School are eligible for membership. 

The Executive Committee of the Parents Association is comprised of five officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Committee Chair Coordinator and Class Representatives Coordinator. Individual parents may involve themselves in the Parents Association by attending the PA meetings, acting as Class Representatives and volunteering as committee and events chairs. 

For more information about volunteering, please contact the PA office at 212-933-5213 or via email at PA@allen-stevenson.org.

Executive Committee 2013-14
Heather Khazaneh, President
Fredda Goldberg, Vice President
Elizabeth Mathus, Treasurer
Alison Bird, Committee Chairs Coordinator
Kelly Hensley, Class Representatives Coordinator
Linda Barnett, Suzanne Freind, Amanda Lister, Samantha Marvin, Cristina Roig Morris, Alix O'Mara, Vivan Queen, Lisa Selz and Paula Simmons