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As I See It
April 2, 2015

Dear Alumni,

You will remember that the last week of school before Spring Vacation is “G&S Week” and on opening night of The Pirates of Penzance I was backstage as thirty-one fifth and sixth graders prepared to play Major-General Stanley’s wards in chancery—the “girls” or “ladies” or “maidens” as they are variously called during the run-up to the show. All in long white dresses and flowered white bonnets, they stood or fidgeted, rouged, eye-lined, lipsticked.  You remember.
Like many teachers, I imagine that this rite of passage has pedagogical value and that something important is learned when boys play girls, but when I asked the boys what it was like and how they felt, I got very little response. Some talked about feeling “weird” in a skirt or having to lift it when climbing the short stairway to the stage. But lead girl Mabel seemed to speak for the rest when he told me that it was “just another part.” Clearly despite occasional trips to mirrors to see that their lipstick hadn’t smeared, the excitement was not the “girl thing” but the anticipation of going on in front of friends and family, many (the fifth graders) for the first time.  
And yet when conductor Michelle Demko silenced the orchestra during the first-act finale and called for the maidens and the pirates to go on alone with ”Hail Poetry,” the operetta’s thrilling four-part paean to Ars Poetica, I could sense the younger boys’ delight as they soared above the older boys, not loud as Mrs. Demko has taught them, but holding their parts and singing beautifully—as girls might.

David Kersey h'98
Member of our faculty since 1969
Alumni News & Photos
Poetry Fun with Alumnus Jack Salomon '62
Alumnus Jack Salomon '62 shared his love of poetry with the sixth grade boys in Peter Haarmann’s English class.

Architect Kerim Eken '00 Speaks to STEAM V Boys
As part of the research step in the Engineering Design Process (EDP) for their final STEAM V challenge (a waterside home that is sustainable and “energy neutral”), fifth graders were fortunate to have Kerim Eken '00 come to share his professional knowledge as an architect.

Entertainment Affinity Group Holds First Meeting
On Friday evening April 10 the first gathering of the Alumni in Entertainment affinity group was hosted by Chris Moscato ’98 at the Yale Club.

Remembering Tim Nichols
Timothy Steele Nichols, Jr. h’78 passed away on February 25th at his home in Jamaica, Vermont. His A-S students shared their memories of their influential teacher.

Alumni Reunion 2015 Celebrates Gilbert & Sullivan
The 2015 Alumni Reunion kicked off with a party hosted by Louis Rose '86 at 583 Park Avenue, and celebrated the 70+ year history of Gilbert & Sullivan at Allen-Stevenson.

Alumni Affinity Group Talks Digital Media
A small group of alums had a lively discussion on topics such as how to measure return on ad spending and the importance of viewability in digital media.

Chicagoland Alumni Reconnect with Mr. Kersey
The Hubbard Inn, a lively River North establishment and dining destination, was the perfect venue for a gathering of 9 Chicago-area alumni. Mr. Kersey and alumni director Anthony Kapp flew in on Friday afternoon, and were delighted to catch up with nine old boys.

Yale Exit Players Share Improv at Monday Morning Meeting
Monday Morning Meeting on January 5 welcomed the entertaining and witty Yale Exit Players, an improv group, which included Isaac Hudis ’09.
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