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As I See It
March 2, 2015

Dear Alumni,

February 25th was the hundredth day of the school year and hearing that the three kindergarten classes celebrate the Hundredth Day each year, I went down to the second floor to see what the little boys and their teachers were up to. It was clear that the teachers (Blaise Bulfair, Margaret Garfinkel, Alice Heminway, Jesse Montero, Brooke Parker and Jennifer Phillips) had been pointing to this celebration for sometime as the classroom walls were covered with drawings of boys’ collections of 100 objects — toy cars, dinosaurs, fingerprints, and in one case 100 bloody teeth. There were also collections of things that live one hundred years, like trees and tortoises and great grandparents. Wearing necklaces they had strung with 100 Froot Loops, groups of boys were moving through several stations — some were exercising (a total of 100 toe touches, push-ups, Spiderman lunges, sumo squats and the like); at the snack table were plastic bags of 100 treats pre-counted by boys; at the math station, devoted to base-ten, boys were collecting and counting things in groups of 10s and 100s; and finally, at the explorers’ station, boys first predicted how far they would walk and then set out from the classroom on a 100-footstep trek. I was particularly taken by models boys had built using only toothpicks, gumdrops and their six-year old imaginations. There was a Houseboat on the Hudson River, a sports center in Minnesota, and a two-dimensional model of a subway that stretched from one boy’s apartment on 89th Street to the School on 78th Street. “It goes on to Central Park,” Ryan told me. While I was there, Declan was showing the other boys his toothpick and gumdrop triangular prism. “If I spin it,” he said, “it turns into a diamond.  It’s an optical illusion.” And he did spin it, a prism, perfect and pink-tipped in the bright mid-morning winter sun. This celebratory learning is not unusual in the School and a thoughtful and well-planned foil to this year’s long cold winter.

David Kersey h'98
Member of our faculty since 1969
Alumni News & Photos
Alumni Reunion 2015 Celebrates Gilbert & Sullivan
The 2015 Alumni Reunion kicked off with a party hosted by Louis Rose '86 at 583 Park Avenue, and celebrated the 70+ year history of Gilbert & Sullivan at Allen-Stevenson.

Alumni Affinity Group Talks Digital Media
A small group of alums had a lively discussion on topics such as how to measure return on ad spending and the importance of viewability in digital media.

Chicagoland Alumni Reconnect with Mr. Kersey
The Hubbard Inn, a lively River North establishment and dining destination, was the perfect venue for a gathering of 9 Chicago-area alumni. Mr. Kersey and alumni director Anthony Kapp flew in on Friday afternoon, and were delighted to catch up with nine old boys.

Yale Exit Players Share Improv at Monday Morning Meeting
Monday Morning Meeting on January 5 welcomed the entertaining and witty Yale Exit Players, an improv group, which included Isaac Hudis ’09.

Happy Hour at The Royal Palms
On Friday, December 12, a small group of Allen-Stevenson alumni gathered at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard club on Union Street for some pre-holiday cheer. 

Alumni Hit the Ice at Chelsea Piers
22 men hit the ice for the Alumni Hockey Game at Chelsea Piers on Tuesday, November 25.

Carter Berg '88 Shares His Photography Inspirations
It was a true family affair when photographer Carter Berg '88 came back to Allen-Stevenson to speak to the middle school and upper school boys at Monday Morning Meeting.

Young Alumni Day 2014
More than 60 alumni from classes 2007 - 2015 returned to Allen-Stevenson for Young Alumni Day on Tuesday, Novemer 25.

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Anthony Kapp
Associate Director of Development
& Alumni Director

David Kersey h'98
Alumni Liaison
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Friday, April 10, 2015
Networking Happy Hour for Alumni in Entertainment
6PM-8PM, The Yale Club

Thursday, May 21, 2015
Alumni Dodgeball Game
6-8PM, Gym

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Alumni Council Meeting
6:30PM, Library

Monday, June 8, 2015
Back to 78th Street: A Party for the Class of 2012
6-8PM, Landis Assembly Hall

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
9th Grade "Class of 2015" Graduation Dinner
6-9PM, Landis Assembly Hall

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
New Alumni Breakfast
9:45-11AM, Dining Room
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